Polkadot DeFi Alliance Spotlight with Community Partner GAINS

We were lucky to sit down with community partner GAINS Associates to learn more about their thought process around joining Polkadot DeFi Alliance as a community partner.

(1) Why are you interested in Polkadot DeFi Alliance?

I like the idea of gathering great projects and organizations, connecting them to build faster and better through interesting synergies.

(2) Tell us more about your community organization?

GAINS Associates is first and foremost a great community. We’ve been around for 3 years. In our channels, you will get access to a lot of free content: daily news, articles and videos. You will also get the chance to participate in our fun and educational events. There are even some rewards for the best participants, in addition to getting the opportunity to directly exchange with CEOs and other decision makers of the top tier projects we’re hosting, which in my opinion is the better reward.

Finally, very soon, you’ll be able to buy our token to join in on our exclusive private deals ;)

(3) What is unique about the Polkadot community?

I wouldn’t say there’s something particularly unique about the Polkadot community. I simply think it’s a part of the crypto community that’s more active and knows more about what’s going on than others.

(4) How can companies interact with you to provide value?

Companies can reach out to us on Telegram, that’s where we spend most of our days and are most responsive (@GainsChat & @GainsANN)! We love working with high quality projects, discover more things ourselves and share that with our community.

(5) How can you provide value to companies?

We can help with marketing, fundraising and networking. We’re also happy to give out general advice about how to run a public sale, help refine token metrics and more!

(6) What is your prediction for the Polkadot DeFi ecosystem in 2021?

I’m not going to lie, a lot of the hype for Polkadot is still highly speculative. Many projects just added that word to their branding and in their roadmap but concretely, they’re still on Ethereum. I hope we’ll be able to see actual usage of the Polkadot mainnet by all these projects. If it can light a fire under Ethereum’s ass and other big infrastructure projects, that would be great as well.


Polkadot DeFi Alliance is where industry-leading projects and cutting edge teams come together to propel forward the larger Polkadot ecosystem and the overall cryptocurrency industry.

We encourage collaboration, supporting the development of new financial primitives, and integration of existing ones — building towards wider adoption of decentralized finance.

Join our monthly panel discussions on the latest developments in DeFi and Polkadot Network with dynamic speakers, rotating hosts, and special guests.

Telegram: https://t.me/polkadotdefi

Twitter: https://twitter.com/polkadotdefi

Connecting the dots across the Polkadot Network

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Connecting the dots across the Polkadot Network

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